Hello. I’m Magda Knight and I’m a freelance editor with a strong digital background and SEO expertise. Find out more about my freelance editorial services! To learn more about my writing and my approach to what I do, read on.

As an online editor, the key sectors I’ve worked in are youth, employment, education, lifestyle and entertainment. I’ve worked with small companies, agencies, charities, and spent nearly a decade at IPC Media, where I was given the title of ‘SEO champion’ (yes, people handed out titles like that back then) and gave a presentation inspiring editors to embrace the transition from print to online.

“Truly the best content writer I have ever worked with. Magda really understands how to give site users what they want and how to draw them back time and time again. In our case Magda understands the youth audience we were trying to support better than any other content writer in the sector. It was my privilege to share her work with young people and made careers education fun! ” – Laura-Jane Rawlings, Youth Employment UK

I take a strategic approach to content, from creating new channels and campaigns to writing search-friendly copy that a reader might care about. I like putting people first, but backing up the content with technical sensibilities.

“Magda is a natural storyteller. At Enhance Media she consistently combined creativity and strategy in a way that achieved client goals without the usual sterility of SEO. Being briefed by someone who understands that editorial is an essential part of digital was a joy and I wish more people took her approach. Ultimately Magda knows how to talk to people, which was shown in her results at Enhance Media, and her affinity with the audiences she’s cultivated at Mookychick and Plotr.” – Oliver Barter, Enhance Media

I’ve written numerous features for a range of publications, most recently Stylist Magazine. I’m also the founding editor-in-chief of Mookychick.co.uk, an alternative lifestyle magazine for young women which launched in 2005. It’s grown into a strong brand in its field with a loyal audience and high traffic. Most importantly, it’s nurtured a wonderful community of women who empower each other on a daily basis.

I’m available for the following freelance activities:

  • Editor
  • Sub-editor
  • Proofreader
  • Copywriter
  • Workshops and consultancy

Wait! Don’t you also write books and things?

Yes! I’m also a speculative fiction author, and you can see a selection of my published work here. My work has been shortlisted for several awards and is appearing in an upcoming anthology of YA writers to watch out for.

My two favourite questions for readers to ask are:

  1. What if?
  2. What happens next?

Two fab questions.

“The author managed to develop an exceptionally strong main character, interesting story line, and lively, believable dialogues. It’s very difficult these days to find a piece of young adult writing that would be fresh and original, because let’s face it: Pretty much everything has already been written. But the author found a way to bring something new to the table.” Margaret, Amazon Reviewer

If you have any queries, I’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch via editor@mookychick.co.uk.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. lordbachus says:

    Yay got here first 🙂 I win!

    1. Magda Knight says:

      You win ALL THE THINGS;)

  2. Hello Magda!

    Just thought I’d pop a little note here.

    I haven’t written for Mooks in ages, but I still love to read it. I’ve never even seen this blog before (and indeed rarely blog myself anymore, boo!) but I’m mighty glad I did. It’s fun to see other would-be-should-be authors talking about their books and the quest for finding an agent. Your novels look absolutely fantastic.

    Ashleigh x

    (Or A. E. Grace?I can’t even remember what rubbish abbreviation I used to use, pahaha)

  3. p.l. urquhart says:

    Footnotes…Goooooooooood. Still hungry

    1. Magda Knight says:

      The Ripper story from the Eulogies anthology? Thank you, Sir/Ma’am! Glad you liked it. I fear the sort of hunger you refer to cannot be assuaged…

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