Psychogeography: Walking My Line

I’m endlessly fascinated by sigil magic, that means of connecting with the hidden world through line and shape and symbol. I’ve also spent years taking an active interest in psychogeography, a physical form of loose ritual that helps to explore the untold stories of place and how places connect with the heart and soul. As my magic becomes increasingly physical and related to nature – the solo wild camping, the magical gardening – I’ve been seeking ways to tie the magic that is created with pen and paper to the magic that ties me to everything else – and that, for me, is currently outdoors magic.

I’d love to share with you a form of walking magic using sigils that I call walking the line. I may have made it up, but I’m almost certain there must be a lineage of practitioners who have practised and known this way of walking since forever, and I’m merely not aware of them. When an idea is this simple, and feels so good to do, surely it doesn’t spring up out of nowhere…

Psychogeography Essay: Walking The Line