About Magda Knight

Magda Knight tells lies for money, and if she likes you and you like her she’ll do it for free.

She is, of course, referring to the writing of fiction. She’d never tell a lie. If you *like* lies, she has written a number of them in her dystopian steampunk YA novel, JABBERWACK. You should check it out.

Believing in a topsy-turvy world full of fractured truths, Magda Knight writes primarily speculative YA, steampunk, Lovecraftian mythos, fantasy, sci-fi and horror. That’s quite a long list, and has probably just made the word ‘primarily’ a bit redundant.

Magda Knight is a feminist, and all these things she writes probably have a bit of feminism in them.

She is the co-founder and editor of the rather amazing and quite popular alternative feminist website Mookychick.co.uk. The sum of the whole is stronger than its parts. You can contact her about Mookychick and all manner of things at editor@mookychick.co.uk.

When Magda grows up she would like to be either a sword or a bear.

Currently neither a sword or a bear. SCIENCE FACT.


  1. lordbachus Said:

    Yay got here first 🙂 I win!

    • Magda Knight Said:

      You win ALL THE THINGS;)

  2. Hello Magda!

    Just thought I’d pop a little note here.

    I haven’t written for Mooks in ages, but I still love to read it. I’ve never even seen this blog before (and indeed rarely blog myself anymore, boo!) but I’m mighty glad I did. It’s fun to see other would-be-should-be authors talking about their books and the quest for finding an agent. Your novels look absolutely fantastic.

    Ashleigh x

    (Or A. E. Grace?I can’t even remember what rubbish abbreviation I used to use, pahaha)

  3. p.l. urquhart Said:

    Footnotes…Goooooooooood. Still hungry

    • Magda Knight Said:

      The Ripper story from the Eulogies anthology? Thank you, Sir/Ma’am! Glad you liked it. I fear the sort of hunger you refer to cannot be assuaged…

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