Published Work


Oh Come Ye to the Fair – But Not You, Stranger (Wickerpedia, 2021)

Cook Your Bloody Heart Out (No Sleep Podcast, 2020)

Durin’s Daughter, Down Below (Anti-Heroin Chic, 2020)

Alien Abduction (Speculate This Magazine, 2020)

Cook Your Bloody Heart Out – Short Story of the Week (For Books’ Sake, 2018)

Paper Mirrors – YA Writers on the Rise (Commonword, 2018)

Sleep Softly, For I Shall Sing To You Of Far Away (Moonchild Magazine, 2017)

Into the Woods (Hic Dragones, 2017)

Mythology High (Buzz Books USA, 2013)

Derby Shorts (For Books’ Sake, 2013)

The End Was Not the End (Seventh Star Press, 2013)

Timeless (Pugalicious Press, 2012)

Carnage Vol 2 (Siren’s Call Publications, 2012)

What Would Bill Hicks Say? (Soft Skull Press, 2007)

2000AD (Prog 953, 1995)

Fiction awards and events:

Judges’ Prize for Opening Up Digital Fiction 2018 competition (online horror game, Dolores and the Cave)

Winner of 50 Word Stories Competition of the Month (50 Word Stories, 2016)

Mslexia YA Competition, 2013 (longlisted YA novel, Gateway Boy)

Msxlexia YA Competition, 2013 (longlisted YA novel, House of Sighs)

Writers’ Billboard First Novel Chapter Writing Competition, 2013 (first place, Gateway Boy)

Colonnade Competition, CJM Press, 2011 (third place, Tropicana Blues)


Luna Luna Magazine (2019)

Huffington Post (2017)

Stylist Online (2017)

BUST! Magazine (2017)

What Amazon readers say:

Beautifully written and well paced with believable characters

“Very, very sad story. The heroine is so strong considering her circumstances, and I loved her for that strength from the beginning.”

“The author managed to develop an exceptionally strong main character, interesting story line, and lively, believable dialogues. It’s very difficult these days to find a piece of young adult writing that would be fresh and original, because let’s face it: Pretty much everything has already been written. But the author found a way to bring something new to the table.”

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