Reading in Phytology – One of London’s Secrets

Reading outdoors is a very different beast to reading inside!

I had the pleasure of reading my short story Oh Come Ye to Midsummer’s Boulevard at the Let’s Get Lost event in one of the loveliest woods in all of London. It’s maintained by Phytology, an artists’ community and nature reserve in one. You never know what sculptures or oddities you might find in the nature trails.

I also had some incredible feedback shortly afterwords from Rym, one of the event organisers:

“I saw someone who had been at Let’s Get Lost and she said she’d thought loads about your story that night, and couldn’t get it out of her head. Just thought you’d like to know the effect your work has on people!”

Surprising, lovely and welcome words. Thank you Rym, and thank you nameless person who thought about the story, too.

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