My stories are part of an outreach campaign to teachers!

Ah, some nice news on a fragile morning after excessively celebrating the return of an Esteemed Niece from Australia.
The glorious Buzz Books have announced signing me to their MYTHOLOGY HIGH series. The first story in the trilogy, SEAL GIRL, will be available as a one-off stinger, and then POOKA and the third story will be available as a collection and then included as a volume with Jammie Kern‘s first three stories in the series.

Excitingly, the Mythology High series is undergoing an outreach campaign to English teachers. Proactive work like this is why Buzz Books are so darned exciting, almost as exciting as actual bees. Incidentally, Buzz Books, you’re looking quite marvellous today. Did I tell you you look good in that hat? I did?

That’s because IT’S TRUE.

It’s really worth joining WINGS, their social readers’ club. You get special discounts and access to competitions, although with stories that are so nicely priced you hardly need the discounts.

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