Post-apocalyptic horror story accepted for anthology…

Fear me.

Siren’s Call Publications are a delightful trio of ladies. Kalla Monahan loves the zombies in a possibly quite wrong way, Nina D’Arcangela is a taphophile with a suspiciously excellent surname, and editor-in-chief Kate Munroe has a taste for wine as red as her hair. She’s picky. When it comes to wine, I’ll reach with equal gusto for redheads or blondes.

My thanks go to them for accepting KNOCK KNOCK, WHO’S THERE for their upcoming post-apocalypse anthology, Carnage: After the End.

Having a taste for the dark side (The Mist? The Road? Children of Men? Ooh, yes please), I envisioned a bright and ridiculous world full of dinosaurs and King Arthur’s knights and party dresses and beach balls. And then I bleached all the colour out of it and made it as cheery as Children as Men.

Thank you so much for accepting the tale. x

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