DARK MATTER sci-fi short story published in Defenestration Magazine

A poo meteor would be so beautiful… until it landed

Click here to read DARK MATTER for free online

It all started with a Facebook entry. Again. What if, I said to my FB friends, you discovered that a meteorite was heading towards Earth that was made entirely of poo? It was something that had been on my mind for some time. I was worried about it. Now that I’ve put the awful thought in your head, you may start worrying about it too…

What THEY said was a whole bunch of really, really interesting science about exactly what would happen if a poo meteor crashed into the Earth. They’re smart, those FB friends.

So it got turned into a short sci-fi story called DARK MATTER, published in Defenestration Magazine.

And now that I know exactly what I’d do if a giant poo meteor fell to Earth, I don’t have to worry anymore!

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