Freelance Services

Everyone loves a list, so here’s my professional digital career at a glance:

Freelance editorial services

  • Editing / copywriting
  • Social / email / content marketing
  • Strategy / delivery
  • SEO / UX / frontend development (a bit. I can improve layouts and site aesthetics and such, but database building remains a mystery).
  • Line manager / team member
  • Workshops / consultancy
  • London / remote working

You can also download my CV.

Any consultancy I provide offers  quick wins and long-term solutions for your company. I make sure that my recommendations are specific to your company, too. There’s no point in offering colour-by-number ‘insights’ which are unrealistic given your workforce and budget. I also love hosting in-house workshops to share skills for life with your content team.

“Magda’s technical expertise combined with her editorial experience creates a valuable set of skills that’s tailored perfectly to working with clients. She is able to explain the technicalities of SEO in an understandable way, and offers insight on optimising content with quick win solutions and strategies. I’ve learned tons about SEO from Magda.” Katie Richards, Changeboard Magazine

I’m comfortable with every aspect of content creation, from collating requirements to commissioning, creating, editing, liaising with design/sales/development and achieving stakeholder signoff.

“Magda is a great person to work with. Her laid back attitude puts her in the perfect position to overcome obstacles and face challenges front on. Her excellent knowledge in the content industry makes her an asset to the team, running with strategies, process and implementation.” Zoe McBride, Enhance Media

As a digital editor I aim to provide structure and solid support to every creative, enabling them to do their thing and create amazing proven content on a regular basis. I consider myself lucky to work with such inspiring people.

“Working for Magda is a joy: she’s prompt, thorough and encouraging, and getting an email from her is like someone dropping off a Solero at your desk.” Duncan Vivat-Brown, Plotr

I take a holistic, cross-disciplinary approach to content strategy. From branding, scheduling, and delivery to SEO/UX and inbound/outbound marketing, my goal is to strengthen brand reach, retention and conversion.

“Magda is a true innovator, specialising in user experience, SEO and building communities through editorial and user generated content. She is a cool character with great social skills, has technical nous, and a deep understanding of what users want – not to mention Google’s bots. Nothing fazes her.” Terry Web, Instant Access Technologies

If you’ve read all that, you deserve a coffee before the next bit.

Wonderful people I’ve worked with include:

  • Youth Employment UK
  • Young Women’s Trust
  • IPC Media (including Now Online, Goodtoknow, Country Life, Look)
  • Best For Film
  • Plotr

“If you’re looking for someone with expert knowledge of the digital arena, look no further than Magda. She is the queen of online and her mastery of analytics is perfectly balanced with a powerful imagination to generate fascinating ideas. She makes it look easy to create content that is enthralling, interesting and supported by measurable data.” Will Williams, Plotr

Just some of the agency clients I’ve worked with:

  • ITV
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Boots
  • HS2
  • Transport for London

Journalism credits:

  • Huffington Post
  • Stylist
  • BUST! Magazine

Editing, copywriting, proofreading

Words, words, words…

I aim to write strong copy that welcomes the reader with open arms. I can produce swathes of typo-free content at speed. This may not sound glamorous, but not everything in the writing world is glamorous. Writing quickly and knowing what an Oxford comma is can be useful when you have a new content channel to populate for a hard deadline. I can ensure your copy is typo-free, too.

“Truly the best content writer I have ever worked with. Magda really understands how to give site users what they want and how to draw them back time and time again. ” Laura Jane-Rawlings, Youth Employment UK

My editorial experience includes:

  • Writing features, reviews, interviews, listicles, interactive content (e.g. quizzes), ad copy, newsletters, and time-specific and evergreen content
  • Commissioning, editing, proofreading, and copywriting
  • Leading teams of content contributors and proofreaders
  • Project managing new content channels from ideation to launch (including content strategy, qualitative/quantitative research, SEO, information architecture, wireframing)
  • Spearheading content and social campaigns (including content creation and marketing).

“Magda is a natural storyteller. At Enhance Media she consistently combined creativity and strategy in a way that achieved client goals without the usual sterility of SEO. Being briefed by someone who understands that editorial is an essential part of digital was a joy and I wish more people took her approach.” – Oliver Barter, Enhance Media

I’ve worked frequently in the youth, employment and education sectors. I recognise how important safeguarding and sense-checking are in a constantly evolving social landscape. Words hold great power and great responsibility.

“Magda understands the youth audience better than any other content writer in the sector. It was my privilege to share her work with young people and made careers education fun! ” – Laura Jane-Rawlings, Youth Employment UK

I also have a strong editorial background in lifestyle and entertainment, having worked on film review site Best For Film and for a wide range of titles at IPC Media including Now Online, Country Life, and many more.

Part of my editorial passion lies in finding the key to what a client wants for themselves and bridging that with the hopes and expectations of their target audience. And, of course, I love writing about topics that are key to my personal interests. I’m a self-confessed geek with a passion for the quirky, from film to food, fashion, and reading for fun. I like writing about board games and thrillers and solo karaoke. I’m a person, not an algorithm.

As the founding editor-in-chief of alternative feminist lifestyle site, launched in 2005, I turned an unknown commodity into a specialist brand with high-volume traffic on a shoestring budget. I’ve never known why budget would be measured in shoestrings. I had to look it up. Mookychick is going strong to this day and continues to provide its community with inspiring and warm-natured delights on a regular basis.

“Magda set the bar high for my interactions with editors. Her expertise in publishing, editing, and search engine optimization came together to make her an effective manager to guide me through the work contract. Magda fosters creativity, excitement, and out of the box thinking in her work relationships and I appreciate working for her.” Genel Gronkowski, Mookychick contributor


I’ve led teams and worked in a freelance capacity to help websites build and retain relevant traffic which converts to business goals. Having benefitted from both an editorial and technical background, I’m as comfortable under a website’s bonnet as I am mindmapping campaigns or writing content that sticks when thrown at the search results wall.

“Magda delivered a one to one digital workshop covering a range of topics such as SEO, Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Magda is warm, friendly, professional and creative. She is an excellent teacher and really made what I thought to be quite daunting topics, clear and interesting. I would strongly recommend Magda’s services if you want to get more creative with your website, or simply want to know more about the ins and outs of Google Analytics and the best SEO tips. ” – Nadina Kulara, Young Women’s Trust

If you are thinking about the best approach for a new content channel for your website, or how you can improve your site’s aesthetics and user journey in a meaningful way, I’d love to help. I have plenty of experience with information architecture and wireframing online projects, too.

“IAT was my introduction to UX and Magda really inspired me. She took my internship very seriously and comprehensively taught me all the skills that I am now building on in my MSc. Magda was very nurturing and thorough in her mentoring and I cannot thank her enough for the opportunity she gave me.” Hamid Hafeez, Instant Access Technologies

If you have any queries or commisions, I’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch via