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The Bechdel Test – An Article What I Wrote


So, how many films are there where more than two named women talk to each other about something other than men?

You can find out more (and read my amazing Vats of Blue film script, SOMEONE LET ME WRITE A HOLLYWOOD TREATMENT NOW) here.

Cover Reveal: The Seal Girl


The second set of Buzz Books USA Mythology High Stingers by UK author Magda Knight will be released later this spring, starting with Seal Girl. Digital ARCS are going out now so if you’re a book blogger or with the media, message if you’d like to review it.

I’m really excited about this series. I’ve handled a trilogy of celtic myths (the selkie, the pooka and the banshee), all in a high school setting. It’s a magical Mean Girls, with no magic and lots of mean…

One for the ladies wot write.


A friend sent me this directly after I’d invited them to my Unbirthday party featuring tea-duelling and a kazoo orchestra. I can’t think what they mean.

A Tim Burton Christmas

Because nothing says Christmas like spicy witch fingers and cheesy monster eyeballs!



Lime Jelly Recipe… In real limes!

To celebrate a few nice short story acceptances here and there (more on that later) I decided to celebrate by turning Monday into a weekend. Time for Glamorous Monday!

I created a brand-new recipe for lime jellies set into actual limes with a liberal dash of tequila to taste (see the tequila lime jelly recipe here, and add alcohol only if you want to).

They turned out beautifully, with such a tart-sweet flavour. I’m off to meet a few friends at the local second-hand bookshop, then we’re going down to have a whimsical picnic and see the Olympic Torch passed through our village (which has had a special stage erected in the middle of the ponds… in the shape of a vast swan).

Let tequila limes and swan times commence!

Agent asks to see full manuscript…

“I have just read the first three chapters and would very much like to see the full manuscript.”

Lovely words from prospective agent! The ones we all want to hear!

Someone wants to read my words. This is good. I have 119,000 of them. Hopefully, some of those words will be ones the agent likes.

The semi-good: I have checked this agent out at Companies House. They are quite new and don’t have much in the way of back catalogue. I shall say no more, because having such direct access to the records at Companies House reveals me to be a NATIONAL TRAITOR AND TOTAL SPY.

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