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Sad Snow Bunny

I just made this sad snow bunny. He was meant to be cute, but the snow wasn’t sticking right (I tell you, it wasn’t) and he ended up looking rather eerie instead.

A mad, evil, eerie, sad snow bunny, just like the one in Donnie Darko.

Say hello to the sad snow bunny! And now let’s run away from him before he catches up…


EDIT: I have just had good advice from a friend:

“Don’t run! You should buy a itty bitty tiny freezer, put him in it and airmail it to ME where he can free-range happily in minus 20 until April. He won’t melt and die, but burrow down in the neighbours’ sawmill where he can dwell through the warm months to be resurrected next October and proceed to haunt this valley FOREVER! I love evil looking snow bunny, and if you give him to me he will have a good life and if I happen upon a fairy I’ll make her turn him into a real bunny.”

Sounds good to me…!

Post-apocalyptic horror story accepted for anthology…

Fear me.

Siren’s Call Publications are a delightful trio of ladies. Kalla Monahan loves the zombies in a possibly quite wrong way, Nina D’Arcangela is a taphophile with a suspiciously excellent surname, and editor-in-chief Kate Munroe has a taste for wine as red as her hair. She’s picky. When it comes to wine, I’ll reach with equal gusto for redheads or blondes.

My thanks go to them for accepting KNOCK KNOCK, WHO’S THERE for their upcoming post-apocalypse anthology, Carnage: After the End.

Having a taste for the dark side (The Mist? The Road? Children of Men? Ooh, yes please), I envisioned a bright and ridiculous world full of dinosaurs and King Arthur’s knights and party dresses and beach balls. And then I bleached all the colour out of it and made it as cheery as Children as Men.

Thank you so much for accepting the tale. x


I spent all day yesterday heavily researching a new short story, by which of course I mean chatting with friends on Facebook and tweeting Mark Gatiss. I like the idea of cool people hanging out on Twitter mainly to dispense hair advice to the masses, but I wonder if they feel the same way…

The thing is, Mark Gatiss knows about the Victorian age. He knows a lot about it. If you’ve read Lucifer Box, you’ll know that he knows.

The other thing is, you can’t trust Gatiss to answer his tweets when he has a creative Empire to run and hasn’t the faintest idea why you’re contacting him about pomade. He probably (and rightly) assumes you’re one of Moriarty’s minions. So I asked the FB hivemind (who are beautiful and clever to a woman/man) and  it turns out that pomade may well have contained bear fat.

I also discovered that bubbies are a Victorian slang word for boobs, and that sailors liked to have mermaids as mastheads because although having a woman onboard was bad luck they believed bare breasts on a ship would ward off rain. It’s a practice still in use today! *

And I even got round to booking a hamster taxidermy workshop and writing FIGUREHEAD, a new short story.

NEWS JUST IN: That rather clever historian and presenter chap Matthew Sweet has kindly informed me that Victorian gentlemen did indeed often use bear fat pomade, and it was sometimes lime-scented. Who knew?

* No it’s not.

Steampunk story published in CONQUEST THROUGH DETERMINATION

Buy this book on Amazon UK (paperback)

I love writing Steampunk. Everyone is different, but although I love the romance of dirigibles and sumptuous frocks, I can’t help thinking the Victorians were gloriously complicated – like us, but with better hats. So “Dreamer, Wake Up, Wake Up” is a story about a grumpy old lesbian independent newspaper editor who finds herself in an Australian colony. What happens to an Empire that runs on steam when there is no water? And what is the secret of the snake god worshipped by the first aboriginal Australians?

Pill Hill Press are a really fun small press who create books you enjoy holding in your hands, and I look forward to writing for them again.

Dear Diary…

Bad: No exercising today. Too shy to do it with people around unless it’s in a park or on a training mat.

Ugly: The phone I brought from Cash Converters was reported lost or stolen yesterday. Still sorting that out, and back to my poorly old phone. Hey, guess what! It’s still a phone and therefore utterly splendid! Of course, the moral of this story is don’t buy a really cheap phone if you know that, yes, it is probably going to be stolen goods…

Good: Wrote a fun and suitably horrid medieval horror about the afterlife for an editor who’s published stories by Joe R. Lansdale before (who is the don, as is Joe Hill, and I swear to god I don’t get the two of them constantly confused). It’s like a morality tale and everything. And it’s got mummers in it. And rats. And it’s called DEATH OF A THOUSAND RATS. Also it has fleas.

It was only after writing this post that I realised I should probably start it with “Dear Diary”…

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