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Cover Reveal: ‘The End Was Not the End’ Fantasy Anthology

The End Was Not the End

It ain’t over till the last dragon sings.

Cover reveals are a thrill. Aside from the edits, the bio, the signing of contracts, they’re the bit that makes a writer get goosebumps because it’s all REAL and you can see it.

This cover for the upcoming ‘The End Was Not the End’ fantasy anthology from Seventh Star Press is by the award-winning Bonnie Wasson, and I love the colours. The idea of a skull reduced to chewing on tree roots makes me feel indefinably sad.

A big thanks to Joshua Leet, Stephen Zimmer and the Seventh Star Gang for including me in the anthology.

Images that inspire you to write

A friend of mine collects images that inspire her to write. They are mostly sunk sailing ships, or ghost sailing ships, or airborne sailing ships. What can I say, the girl likes ships. Also, she’s writing a novel about the captain of a sailing ship, which may have something to do with it.

I like this photo when I’m scribbling modern urban fantasy.

Top 10 Female Fantasy Writers

I was hugely gruntled to find out that not only are there some really good female fantasy writers out there, there are also more than ten.

A lot, lot more than ten. Oh my days, so many more than ten.

Literally  the only way I could deal with my shame for only including ten of them in this article was to try to fob people off with a joke about bears.

Check out The Top Ten Female Fantasy Authors on the fantastic, feminist book site For Books’ Sake. Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment and let people know!

Vampires vs Fantasy Orcs

I felt inspired to pen a piece for Mookychick about why I think fantasy appeals to a different part of the psyche than vampire fiction…
Vampires vs Orcs Fantasy Deathmatch – who wins?

The answer is that both fantasy and vampires are amazing and we all do…

YA story YENNY’S RUN wins competition

Click here to read YENNY’S RUN for free online

We’re often warned against hurling our over-ripe, squishy trunk stories against the clean white walls of the publishing industry. So dirty. Don’t do it.

However, when it comes to short stories, there’s nothing wrong with delving into your trunk and seeing if there’s anything in there that’s still firm and edible.

You just have to remember that writers change and grow, and a story written seven years ago shouldn’t be sent out with the desperation of a mad cat scrabbling on the porch roof to be let in. It should be read through with your new eyes, tempered and polished. If it spurs you to cast the story back in the trunk and write a new one, so be it.

Today, an old trunk story – YENNY’S RUN – won a fantasy writing competition at The Tavern’s Vault. Huzzah! While I’m not terribly proud of writing genre fantasy fiction with cat assassins, I’m glad to see that dear old Yenny got to run, after all.

I won $25 , for which I am grateful. I have decided to keep my day job, and hope the money won’t change me. As a publisher myself, I’m thrilled they dug into their pockets to offer anything at all.

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