They call her Flipper…


So I sent the YA story SEAL GIRL (think Celtic Myths crossed with Mean Girls) to the honey-tasty Buzz Books for their Mythology High series, and they accepted it. And I am truly grateful, because it was written bespoke for them and I’m not sure which other publisher would say “yes, we would like to take a story about a high school swim champion with Type IV syndactyly”.

But they did take it. And they said “will you do some tweaks please to make it a stronger ending?”

And I was all like “Ma’am, yes Ma’am.”

And they liked the tweaks. And then they said “would you maybe like to do a trilogy of reworked Celtic myths?”

And I was all like “Ma’am, yes MA’AM”.

For prospective YA authors, here is the link to the Buzz Books submissions page:

Buzz Books Submissions


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