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TIMELESS author Kip Wilson interviews fellow TIMELESS author D.E. Atwood.  (click for your chance to win a free TIMELESS eBook!)


The first story I started to write was about a girl growing up on an army base in the 1960s who meets a water nymph in the lake behind the base. But the story, even though I could see it all in my head, wouldn’t flow. Then I woke up with the original first line for Roland’s story ringing in my head: The first time he escapes, he doesn’t know how it happens. And just like that, I had a story with fully formed characters in my head ready to burst onto the page and be written.

Just so you know, Kip Wilson did a fascinating reworking of an old German poem, and D.E. Atwood did a blindingly good story about a mute boy undergoing experimental treatment in a sanitorium who discovers that he can speak with the doctor’s son via thoughts and dreams.

You can also read TIMELESS author Kristine Carlson Asselin’s interview with Kip Wilson. Kristine is one of the tag-team duo (including Ansha Kotyk) who wrote STELLA’S HERO, about a Victorian seamstress who gets into trouble for falling from a boy from racially-segregated Chinatown.

And because Pugalicious Press is nothing if not egalitarian, Ansha Kotyk ALSO chatted to Kip Wilson. It’s a great interview because you get to see that old German poem in its full glory. Huzzah!

Under the linden tree

On the heather,

Lay our lovers’ bed,

There you can find

Lovingly broken

Flowers and grass.

Beside the wood in a valley


Sang beautifully the nightingale.

(go to the interview to read more)

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