Dear Diary…

Bad: No exercising today. Too shy to do it with people around unless it’s in a park or on a training mat.

Ugly: The phone I brought from Cash Converters was reported lost or stolen yesterday. Still sorting that out, and back to my poorly old phone. Hey, guess what! It’s still a phone and therefore utterly splendid! Of course, the moral of this story is don’t buy a really cheap phone if you know that, yes, it is probably going to be stolen goods…

Good: Wrote a fun and suitably horrid medieval horror about the afterlife for an editor who’s published stories by Joe R. Lansdale before (who is the don, as is Joe Hill, and I swear to god I don’t get the two of them constantly confused). It’s like a morality tale and everything. And it’s got mummers in it. And rats. And it’s called DEATH OF A THOUSAND RATS. Also it has fleas.

It was only after writing this post that I realised I should probably start it with “Dear Diary”…


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